Bosu and Stability Ball Balance Routine

By Dan Watt, Level 2 Ace Personal Trainer



Form before laughter.  Talk as you spot but always pay attention.  But don’t forget the laughter!


We’ll be closing down for the summer soon but I thought I would go over a balance routine with a Bosu and Stability Ball.


Thanks to Dan Fetter for letting us use Fetter Fitness, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.


When first starting a balance exercise or routine, safety is important.  Either have someone spotting you (always on the side of the standing leg if you are balancing on one leg, or behind you if balancing with both legs).  If you don’t have someone spotting you have a solid structure like a rail or wall on the side of the standing leg).

You start with one foot on the Bosu (or wobble board, step, floor, etc.).  Step and readjust until your foot is in the centre and best position.  Once your foot feels right, step up so you lift your arms and bend your opposite leg (one legged knee lifts).  Do this eight or more times and then switch legs (now with the other standing leg towards a wall or rail).  Right now you just want to get used to the Bosu.  The only tight area of the body should be your core.  And don’t crunch in, straighten out.


Arla and I going over balance on the Bosu.  I’m standing on the side of the leg that stays on the Bosu.  If she does fall with her right foot she’ll be fine.  Below, Taylor is spotting Arla while she balances on one foot on the ground.

One legged knee lifts (one foot stays on the entire set).  2 sets each of 8+ reps.

Next try outer thigh (you can touch the foot of your moving leg to the side of the Bosu at first.  2 sets each of 8+ reps.


Once you feel ready try doing the figure skater or speed skater.

2 sets of 8+ reps each leg.


As you get better you can add shoulder presses, biceps curls, with the speed skater biceps or hammer curls when standing and triceps extensions when leaning over.


The stability ball balance on your knees is fairly safe if you roll backwards but not so much if you roll forward.  The spotter should be at the front and if you don’t have a spotter have something like a bench, couch etc. to stop you from falling forward.



As you progress you can eventually kneel and even play catch!  Don’t spread your knees to wide though it can bother your knees.

We had hoped to make funny exercise videos but they haven’t quite worked out so maybe later this year.  Taylor and Kyle were playing around BUT if you look at the way Kyle is standing he’s ready to protect Taylor whether they’re joking or not.  Spotting always comes first.

DSC_3995 Arla isn’t just a Dr. of Naturopathy, she’s also a certified personal trainer.  So I think she’s telling me she doesn’t need any direction and unfortunately for me that’s true.

With Thanks to Taylor Norris, RMT (twhealthhumor’s co-blogger)

Dr. Arla Kasaj, ND,

Kyle Montryo, guitar maker

Andraya Watt, photographer






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