Forearm Stretches

Forearm Stretches

By Taylor Norris RMT at
Our forearm and hand muscles, the unsung heroes of our daily routine. We ask so much of them every single day, and they respond by providing us with the ability to accomplish a multitude of tasks. From large scale actions like helping to move furniture to delicate detailed work such as sewing, they are always up for the challenge…until they’re not!

With all the of the repetitive actions we do in front of us with our arms and hands, especially these days it seems, it’s no surprise that they too become tired and overworked which can then lead to malfunction, pain, and sometimes numbness and tingling. To help combat this sort of fatigue, a couple of simple stretches done on a regular basis can make a world of difference.

First, as always, warm up your forearms either by giving them a few squeezes with the opposite hand, or right out of the shower works well too. Then find a cleared flat counter top type surface and lay a small towel over it to help cushion your hands while you stretch.

Begin with the arm you’d like to stretch first, palm facing away from you on the counter top and fingers dangling over the edge, then gently start to lean back deepening the stretch as you lean.


Once you have become comfortable with this version, you can take it up a notch by having your fingers flat on the surface to start rather than dangling over the edge.



Next, to stretch the opposite side of the forearm, lay your hand knuckles down on the towel and lean back again.


Hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds if you can, and reduce the pressure or stop the stretch if there is pain.


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